Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters Squad up for Sky Original TV Series, Bulletproof

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Written by Bijan in TV  |  11th June 2018

London’s very own version of Bad Boys: Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters team up for action/crime TV Series, Bulletproof

While both Clarke and Walters are known to play outside-the-law roles; with the Kidulthood to Adulthood film series and Top Boy, the two British actors squad up as cops to pursue hardened criminals in London’s East End. Just like the popular Bad Boys movies, characters Bishop and Pike are not just partners, but best friends – causing some expected complications around work. This adds an element of comedy to the series; again, alike Will Smith and Martin Laurence’s roles in Bad Boys.

Without spoiling the 6 episode TV series, Bulletproof is full of crime, cars and comedy – the perfect combination for its kind! However, where it doesn’t lack in action, you could argue its shyness of episodes. Us at Vibestyle are hoping to see more series in the future; and with its success so far, perhaps the future will offer us longer series, with an increased budget.

Bulletproof 2018 trailer

Bulletproof is a Sky Original production; so it can be watched through Sky of course. However, once every episode has been aired, it should be available elsewhere.

Vibestyle Review

To conclude our opinion of Clarke and Walters’ Bulletproof, it stands strong in its uniqueness towards other crime/action series, as most productions in this genre fail to position themselves as different – they always share a similar narrative. Bulletproof on the other hand, offers viewers a refreshing aspect of cast, especially considering the duos former roles. However, the series is extremely short; leaving some viewers “unengaged” or unsatisfied. Therefore, the Crime Series will receive a rightful 7/10.

Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters in Bulletproof
Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters in Bulletproof

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