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At Vibestyle, we are constantly aiming to provide our readers and followers with a variety of content across our consistent categories. Being a newly started blog, we also need as much content as possible to give everyone something interesting, as frequently as we can.

If you’re familiar with writing blog posts and online content, and if you’re interested in writing anything urban-based that we can feature among our blog then please read the following.

What’s in it for you?

  • Become part of our Vibestyle, make your mark in the growth of our blog
  • Have your content read by our increasing follower and reader base
  • Have your say – use your writing skills to voice your opinion and ideas on areas of urban culture
  • Platform for practice – improve your skills in publishing and promoting content

How to become a Vibestyle Writer

To become a regular contributor to Vibestyle blog, here are some points to get a hold of:

  • Familiarise yourself with our previous posts, getting a feel for what kind of topics we write about
  • When writing, have in mind the main aim of providing quality and value for readers
  • Often read and write posts and articles on urban culture

Categories We Write About

Being an urban lifestyle/culture based blog, we try to focus on certain categories that appeal to our readers the most:

  • Music – focusing on Hip-Hop, R&B, and Grime genres
  • Film – Pop-culture movies and TV series
  • Fashion – looking at street wear in particular
  • Sport – latest news on sports such as Premier League Football, and NBA

Promote the Brand

Being a newly started blog, we’re always aiming to improve, especially in respect to increasing our readers/follower base. Here are ways in which we push for progression:

  • Social Media – Share the blog, and individual posts across all social media platforms
  • Blog Communities – Promote the blog within relevant blog communities, whilst also engaging with other blogs in the community
  • Word of Mouth – Talk to your friends about the blog, even if it’s your post in particular that you want them to read

Editorial Guidelines

  • Quality and Quantity – Blog Posts should be of around 300 words minimum, covering the topic in detail
  • Visual Content – We encourage writers to incorporate a nice balance of pictures and videos withing blog posts as these tend to bring content to life
  • Self-Promotion – Being a newly started blog, we’re always trying to promote ourselves, therefore we understand that you may want to do the same. We will always give credit to the author, as well as allowing blogs, brands, or portfolios to be linked after the article
  • Audience- We have no preference of age, but we aim our blog at anyone who might have an interest in urban culture, therefore we recommend writing in a professional, but casual manner
  • Comments – We aim for all our posts to encourage conversation, comments are the best way to do this
  • Copyright – Understandably, we don’t tolerate any breaches in copyright boundaries, in any case of breach, the post will be deleted. Please make sure that your content is original, or if your ideas derive from someone else’s work, give them credit where due. By submitting a post to Vibestyle, you give us copyright ownership of the post, which is just to ensure any issues are easily resolved.
  • Submission – To submit your post, email eugeneshahrezaey@hotmail.co.uk . Any questions can be asked here too. If there’s no reply, see our ‘Contact Us’ page. Posts must be in Microsoft Word or Google Doc Format, PDFs are not accepted.

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