Kanye West’s new albums are special masterpieces, and here’s why

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Written by Eugene in Music | 11th June 2018

Mr. West has kept his word in the release of the three hottest albums of June so far, with Pusha T’s album, Daytona which was released on the 25th of May; Ye, the self titled album which was released on the 1st of June; and last but not least, Kids See Ghosts, a joint collaboration album with Kid Cudi that only became available last Friday!

The albums each come from a wider body of work from Kanye West, under his record label, G.O.O.D. Music, where his presence is felt through the track production, commentary, and of course the writing of the majority of the lyrics.

Being an avid Twitter warrior, Kanye has been continuously expressing his ideas, no matter how bizarre or relatable they are, but amongst the random tweets, Ye has made promises of the upcoming work he is undertaking, just in time for this month. The wider body of work, or as Ye would claim, his vision, simply doesn’t stop here, not at all. Hip-hop fans will be ecstatic to hear that next Friday (15th), rap’s rightfully respected Nas will have his very own Kanye-produced album, as well as Teyana Taylor receiving the same special service from Ye the week after (22nd).

Each of Kanye’s hand produced albums are appearing to consist of only 7 tracks, something that Pusha-T wasn’t initially pleased about, but has subsequently come to accept the wishes of Kanye, especially after the success that Daytona has gotten.

In each of the albums that are out already, its evident that Kanye West is utilising the opportunity to express himself, educate others on his situation (plus his bipolar disorder, labelling it as his superpower), and most importantly for himself, to convey his opinions to the masses.

Why only 7 tracks?

As to why G.O.O.D. Music have decided to host 7-track albums, that’s unknown – however after the Daytona listening party, King Push claims that die to the anarchic nature of the music label, Pusha expressed, “you know G.O.O.D. Music anti-everything. If everybody going for 18 tracks, we doing seven”. A perfect demonstration of a record label who goes against the grain to provide something innovative and refreshing for us listeners.

Listen to our playlist compiled of 21 of Kanye’s hand produced tracks

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