Johnny Depp is on a Mission to Solve Biggie’s Murder in Upcoming ‘City of Lies’ Trailer

Who Shot The Notorious B.I.G.?

By Eugene in Film | 22nd May

The trailer has been released for the latest movie to shed a light on the murder of the late Biggie Smallz. City of Lies is based on the self-written book, Labyrinth, where the movie adaptation hosts Johnny Depp, who stars as the detective who attempts to get to the bottom of the case, alongside Forrest Whitaker, who portrays the journalist, Jack Johnson.

The trailer reveals footage of Biggie himself, Tupac, and the days leading up to both legends of rap and urban culture’s tragic end.

“A murder like that only goes unsolved if the police don’t want to solve it”.

The movie interprets the L.A.P.D’s corruption and lies that have lingered around the case, as the two main characters pursue the truth.

City of Lies will be in cinemas from the 7th September this year.

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