Kanye West’s new albums are special masterpieces, and here’s why

Vibestyle blog bring you the latest in urban music previews and reviews Written by Eugene in Music | 11th June 2018 Mr. West has kept his word in the release of the three hottest albums of June so far, with Pusha T's album, Daytona which was released on the 25th of May; Ye, the self titled album which was released on... Continue Reading →

Netflix’s Latest Hit: Zombie Outbreak in the Outback – A Cargo Review

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Vibestyle brings you the latest urban culture previews and reviews

By Eugene in Film | 25th May 2018

I remember a time when Netflix originals wouldn’t ever capture my attention, especially over blockbuster hits, but it seems today that the tables are turning. Martin Freeman’s latest movie makes it evident that times have changed.

Vibestyle Review: Cargo (2018)

The Australian movie starts with a man (Martin Freeman), his wife, and their baby girl struggling to survive and provide a life for their daughter, whilst living on some sort of house boat. We then discover that the family are living on this slowly decaying house boat due to a zombie outbreak which has caused a widespread pandemic, resulting in life on water being their safest option. Due to an unfortunate event where the wife becomes exposed to the virus, the family are then forced to migrate back inland where they must…

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J. Cole KOD Album Review

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Vibestyle Blog brings you urban culture previews and reviews.

Written by Eugene in Music | 22nd April 2018

Released on Friday, J. Coles unexpected album, KOD makes a significant impact on the hip-hop game. The album hosts 12 tracks, with a mysterious feature who goes by the name of KiLL Edward.However, rumour has it that KiLL Edward is J.Cole’s alter ego, in fact, the man you see on the album cover isn’t Cole, it’s KiLL Edward. An variant who is portrayed as the Dreamville rapper’s demon, hence the abbreviation for ‘Kill our Demons’. Although this would seem apparent, the speculation is not yet confirmed. Nevertheless, in the meantime, here is the only track from KiLL Edward on Sound Cloud. My interpretation tells me that he sounds a lot like Cole, himself.

Vibestyle Review

J. Cole’s 5th studio album does not disappoint, I believe that this is some of the…

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