Vibestyle Spotlight: The voice of UK’s R&B, Angel

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Written by Bijan in Music  |  24th May 2018

Angel is just one artist among UK’s industry of emerging R&B music

In a time were UK’s urban music regularly circulates around grime and chart music, the emerging genre of R&B is beginning to find a steady growth. Artist, Angel is certainly an one to check out; where he first established himself among the UK R&B Charts in 2012, with hit singles Go In Go hard featuring Wretch 32, and ‘Wonderful’.

Following from his early success, the West London artist released debut album, About Time in 2013; followed by EP, Possession With Intent in 2014 – which saw the singer begin to work with bigger names, Sneakbo and Wretch 32, as well as his state-side peer, Eric Bellinger. Though, apart from occasional features and singles throughout the years, Angel didn’t become consistently active until 2016, with the release of his Her EP; including hot tracks, Rude Boy and Tongue Song.

Image result for angel sirach charles
Angel can be listened to on Spotify and Apple Music

From here, Angel has been releasing hot new music – worthy of recognition in this emerging industry we call UK R&B. Even his second studio album, Woman has surfaced with some sensational tracks among the list; including another collaboration with Eric Bellinger in No Flutes, and successful work with Grime Goliath, Giggs in Fly. You can listen to these tracks here:

Angel is undoubtedly one to listen to if your into R&B music. The artist can almost be compared with Eric Bellinger – despite working together. This is because E.B is still becoming an established R&B singer in his residential country – and so is Angel; Bellinger can sing very well – and so can Angel; Bellinger expresses an innovative approach to the game, by often remixing, or remaking classics – guess what, so does Angel. At Vibestyle, we don’t like to compare artists too much, as everyone is different in their own way – thats how you make it today. However, by linking Angel to Eric Bellinger, you can get an idea of the scale in which Angel is currently working within the UK  music industry.

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