HM Crisis: The Weeknd Severs Ties, The Internet Reacts, and Apologies from the Brand

Written by Bijan Shahrezaey in Fashion and Music

If you’ve been on social media this week, you would have seen the HM communication – depicting a young black male wearing a hoodie with the words “coolest monkey in the jungle” – that has sparked controversy across all platforms of social media; accusing HM of racist and/or insensitive communications.

Artist, The Weeknd, who has been heavily associated with the Swedish, affordable fashion brand throughout 2017, had his say about the picture.

The tweet by the 27 year old artist suggests future collaborations with the brand, following from the success of 2017, will be no more; a shame for the fans, customers, HM and the Starboy himself.

Though, The Weekend is among various other celebrities, including Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku, Diddy, Lebron James, and many more who have had their say on the matter:

Even brands are having their say…

HM, however, have released their public apology, where they indicate the product and advert of the product will no longer be available.

They have also touched on the matter around The Weeknd on social media where “discussions” seem to be in process.

A big L for HM for both their reputation and future with successful endorser, The Weeknd.

While the Swedish company has apologised on social media, the next few days will unravel the true effects of the crisis, so stay tuned on social media for more.


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