Trailer Alert: ‘The New Mutants’ have arrived

A soon to be new addition to the marvel franchise is ‘The New Mutants’. This is a new take on the superhero genre by director John Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) and co-writer Chris Claremont (X-Men: Days of Future Past and Legion). In this new movie he subverts the superhero genre and adds in... Continue Reading →

DC’s Justice League Assemble as Trailer is Revealed

Written by Eugene Shahrezaey in Film Warner Bros and DC have finally given the public their first official trailer for the newly assembled team of superheroes, the Justice League. Consisting of heroes, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, and Aqua Man, the Justice League evidently have plenty to offer as they fend off enemies of civilisation... Continue Reading →

Ones to Watch: Marvel’s Iron Fist

Posted by Eugene Shahrezaey in Film Yesterday, Netflix released their highly anticipated Marvel series of the Iron Fist, which results in the seventh live-action Marvel TV show to join the four year super hero infatuation. Superhero, Danny Rand, originally was a victim of a plane crash in the comics. A blue-eyed, blonde haired son of... Continue Reading →

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