Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters Squad up for Sky Original TV Series, Bulletproof

London's very own version of Bad Boys: Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters team up for action/crime TV Series, Bulletproof While both Clarke and Walters are known to play outside-the-law roles; with the Kidulthood to Adulthood film series and Top Boy, the two British actors squad up as cops to pursue hardened criminals in London's East End. Just like the popular Bad Boys movies, characters Bishop and Pike are not just partners, but best friends - causing some expected complications around work. This adds an element of comedy to the series; again, alike Will Smith and Martin Laurence's roles in Bad Boys.

Netflix’s Latest Hit: Zombie Outbreak in the Outback – A Cargo Review

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By Eugene in Film | 25th May 2018

I remember a time when Netflix originals wouldn’t ever capture my attention, especially over blockbuster hits, but it seems today that the tables are turning. Martin Freeman’s latest movie makes it evident that times have changed.

Vibestyle Review: Cargo (2018)

The Australian movie starts with a man (Martin Freeman), his wife, and their baby girl struggling to survive and provide a life for their daughter, whilst living on some sort of house boat. We then discover that the family are living on this slowly decaying house boat due to a zombie outbreak which has caused a widespread pandemic, resulting in life on water being their safest option. Due to an unfortunate event where the wife becomes exposed to the virus, the family are then forced to migrate back inland where they must…

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Solo: A Star Wars Story Movie Review

A galactic addition to the Star Wars story, but underwhelming as a solo movie The new Solo movie was amazing in most aspects, including the narrative, the actors and references to other Star Wars films. However, in relation to the other movies, this film was below the expected standard; and this is evident among the movies estimated takings, at $83.3m (£63m) for the first three days of release. This was even lower than Rogue One's taking of $155.1m in the same space of time.

Vibestyle Spotlight: The voice of UK’s R&B, Angel

Angel is just one artist among UK's industry of emerging R&B music In a time were UK's urban music regularly circulates around grime and chart music, the emerging genre of R&B is beginning to find a steady growth. Artist, Angel is certainly an one to check out; where he first established himself among the UK R&B Charts in 2012, with hit singles Go In Go hard featuring Wretch 32, and 'Wonderful'...

Deadpool 2 Movie Review

DP's greatly awaited sequel was finally united with the big screen on the 16th May in record-breaking fashion - and rightfully so. Boasting a radical plot, plenty of cinematic delights and even more gags, the film continues to win over the opinions of critics.

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