Vibes on Vibes: Belly & 88 Glam London Show at XOYO, Shoredich

The Weeknd’s partners, Belly and 88Glam head down to London for a great live show

Written by Eugene in Music | 3rd June 2018

When we learnt that tickets to see Belly perform live, alongside his XO comrades, 88Glam for only £15, it was simply child’s play to get the event locked in our schedule as a midweek motive.

A Live Show with a Vibe Accountable for all Hip Hop Fan’s Expectations

The live show was set in the underground floor of one of Shoredich’s most known nightclubs,  XOYO. Inside, the atmosphere was just right where the crowd was ready for an uplifting experience listening to an arsenal of the XO record label’s most eloquent and upbeat music. Might not; Consuela; Mumble Rap; & Immigration to the trap were only a handful of tracks that Belly performed on the night – or for those who don’t know, the show was full of tracks which the whole room was more than well acquainted with.

You’ll Like This Part…

During the show, only three things were thrown off the stage. A signed t-shirt with Belly’s and both of 88Glam’s signatures; a sweaty hand towel used by the rapper himself; and Camino (1/2 of the 88Glam Duo) who bought himself to jumping into the crowd towards the end of the show. The funny thing was, is that the three of us who went up to the show together ended up catching all three!

The event came a few days before Belly is set to perform on the main stage at Wireless Festival on Saturday the 7th July, where although 88Glam don’t seem to be amongst the Finsbury Park Lineup, they may appear alongside the also Canadian rapper during a potential surprise performance.

Watch a few Live Videos of the Event

Head over to our Instagram page to see a few videos we captured during the performances!


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