Nas Unleashes Kanye West-Produced album, Nasir: A Vibestyle Review

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Written by Bijan & Eugene in Music |  17th June 2018

Escobar Season has returned and Nas proves he’s still the King of Hip-Hop

Its been six years since Nas released his Life is Good album, but now the king returns for his 7-track album; featuring the likes of Kanye West, Puff Daddy, The-Dream and more. Posing as his 11th studio album, Nas seizes the opportunity to address the issues facing African-American’s; and in profound steez.

The New York rapper unleashed his latest project (15th June) and quite clearly impressed fans with his talents among the verses. He even says it himself:

Savage narrative, every verse that I write bursts light
― Nas (Ft. The-Dream) – Adam and Eve

Though, Nas shares the light with Ye, who produced the album; his fourth project within 2 months. These include album Ye, a collaboration with Kid Kudi in Kids See Ghosts, and Pusha T’s Daytona.

Vibestyle Review

If you’re a Nas fan – or Hip Hop for that matter you will be far from disappointed with his album. While the 7-song track list may be considered brief, it well and truly suffices through Nas’ well rounded eloquence, and concise lyrics that truly paint a picture for the many messages the artist wants to convey.

What we find particularly interesting about the Queens-born-and-raised rapper’s album is a theory the arises subsequent to yet another Kanye tweet, where he delves in on the Urban Dictionary’s definition of the Seven Deadly Sins, signalling that each of the 7 tracks in the album represent a sin, as seen below.

  1. Not For Radio – Pride
  2. Cops Shot the Kid – Wrath
  3. White Label – Gluttony
  4. Bonjour –  Lust
  5. Everything – Greed
  6. Adam and Eve – Sloth
  7. Simple Things – Envy

Although these capital vices aren’t in line with their biblical order, each track correlates to the aligned deadly sin. As fans, we were no strangers to curiosity towards why Ye decided to provide only 7 tracks in each of the hand-produced albums of June, however this theory may be the answer we’ve been looking for. Let us know what you think about the whole idea in the comments section, or on social media.

Listen to Nas -Nasir


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