Netflix’s Latest Hit: Zombie Outbreak in the Outback – A Cargo Review

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By Eugene in Film | 25th May 2018

I remember a time when Netflix originals wouldn’t ever capture my attention, especially over blockbuster hits, but it seems today that the tables are turning. Martin Freeman’s latest movie makes it evident that times have changed.

Vibestyle Review: Cargo (2018)

The Australian movie starts with a man (Martin Freeman), his wife, and their baby girl struggling to survive and provide a life for their daughter, whilst living on some sort of house boat. We then discover that the family are living on this slowly decaying house boat due to a zombie outbreak which has caused a widespread pandemic, resulting in life on water being their safest option. Due to an unfortunate event where the wife becomes exposed to the virus, the family are then forced to migrate back inland where they must seek medical help from a small community which is on its last thread of existence.


The movie proves to be suspenseful, where the protagonist must fight to the very last push to be sure that his daughter can be left in safe hands. Following this, BBC’s Mark Kermode sheds a light on how the movie is an adaptation from a viral short film which directors, Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke released in 2013.

I think the movie is actually really refreshing in a sense that we haven’t yet seen the zombie outbreak band wagon hit the Australian outback, and with the Aboriginal natives using their survival skills to combat the pandemic, you can really appreciate how the directors offer an alternative solution to salvation, rather than the conventional solutions to zombie survival. Additionally, what made the plot even more impacting is that each character has their own problems, but can only overcome these once certain paths are crossed.

There were talks of the movie being released in cinema, however, due to the recent surge in zombie outbreak movies, I don’t think the movie would have received its deserved appreciation. Being instantly available to stream allows the movie to be recognised as a respectable movie with an innovative edge to it, that somewhat differentiates it to all the rest.

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