Is Nav’s RECKLESS Album the best work we’ve had from him yet? A Vibestyle Review

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Written by Eugene in Music

#NewMusicFriday is back with a bang, all thanks to XO music label’s Nav, enforcing his return with RECKLESS – his 3rd studio album.

Nav has been around the music game for a couple years now, and being discovered by XO record’s The Weeknd, Nav has ever since been provided with the best possible opportunity to express his work both verbally, and instrumentally. His work with the supposedly now-retired Metro Boomin in Perfect Timing exhibits his ability to produce multiple hit-potential instrumentals, whereas his work in his self-titled album shows his ability to put together a well-rounded arsenal of tracks by himself.

Vibestyle Review

RECKLESS being Nav’s latest installation, you can only expect the music to be up to a par, especially based on his previous music. With 12 tracks, hosting features Travis Scott, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert, and Gunna, the album doesn’t lack in either quality, or variety.

Within the album, we’ve picked out a handful of tracks in which we think suffice for the best of the artist’s work. Never Change is one of those tracks that remind me of Nav’s music in his early days in the industry, during his Soundcloud come up (i.e. Take me Simple). Next up is Faith – a track featuring 1/3 of the Migos, Quavo. This chilled out track is intriguingly mellow, which isn’t the usual vibe that the two artist’s typically offer, but actually seems to work well, especially if you’ve got a cold drink in your left hand with the sun shining down on your neck ;). The next track is Champion – the track featuring Travis Scott is an upbeat one with plenty of elements that we see in today’s hits, with a fast tempo and clarity in the lyrics. Lastly, I feel that the final track on the album, What I Need is one of the more consistent tracks in the album, with an innovative instrumental, which sounds so tranquil, yet outraged.

However, I personally feel that RECKLESS is a well put together album, with a few outstanding tracks, but his previous collaborative album, Perfect Timing, and the artist’s first album, Nav are probably amongst my more favourable music from the XO rapper, as I feel in general, they seem to be compiled from more passion.

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