Childish Gambino Releases Bizarre Music Video for “This is America”

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Written by Eugene in Music | 6th May 2018

Gambino never fails to put himself at the forefront of urban and pop culture, and with the late release of his track, “This is America”, its evident that there aren’t any anomalies this time round.

The music video and track is full of reference to political injustice in America, such as Donald Trump’s methods, police brutality, school shootings, as well as the controversial claims from pop culture’s icon’s (i.e. Kanye West and his recent claims on Slavery).

The crazy music video, which is full of interesting scenes and graphic reenactments comes from Glover himself, and his well acquainted collaborator, Hiro Murai. Nevertheless, Childish Gambino exhibits his perspective on today’s America… and wow, is it gripping.

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