J. Cole Returns with Unexpected Album ‘K.O.D’

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Written by Eugene in Music | 17th April 2018

With a few days after to spare, J. Cole hits us with a curveball and announces the release of his 5th studio album which will go by the name of ‘K. O. D.’ The abbreviation, KOD is said to stand for three different subtitles, Kidz on Drugz, King Overdose, and Kill our Demonz. It’s evident that the release date of 4/20 May have something to do with the former.

It’s no fiction that the Born Sinner rapper has been hard at work over the past year, and it’s clear that the same work ethic has been applied to Cole’s recent activities. Rap Radar’s Brian B. Dot revealed on Twitter that Cole has only had 2 weeks to record the album. With 12 tracks, all of which are said to each have their own unique flow, where B. Dot provided clarity and elaborated on the experimental nature of them.

The announcement comes only a day after J. Cole arranged a surprise NYC show, which was totally free for lucky fans who were able to attend. Cole announced the show on Twitter, requesting that fans don’t bring phones, cameras, or bags, with no press or guest list. It’s safe to say that Cole is taking a contemporary approach, which seems to be pleasing fans, despite the absence of new music.

A surprise London show will be occurring tonight.

The album will be Cole’s latest release since his ESPN NBA Playoff promo verse last weekend. The promo verse is then followed by his January 2017 release, High for Hours, which interestingly did not feature in 4 Your Eyez Only which was released in the previous month.

We hope this album will be as good as Cole’s previous work. Let us know what you think in the comments section, and in the meantime, enjoy Vibestyle’s very own playlist, strictly consisting of J. Cole masterpieces.


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