Jacquees This Time I’m Serious: Album Review

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Written by Bijan in Music | 4th April 2018

R&B’s next up, Jacquees finally gifted fans with a new EP, ‘ This Time I’m Serious’. The album consists of half a dozen tracks, including features from Wale and T-Pain.

As mentioned amidst Vibestyles March Music Watch, the albums was expected to drop during the former month. However, with just 3 days into April, fans are sure to have nothing but positive thoughts towards the Atlanta artists release.

Those up to date in the R&B scene, will know this album isn’t all that Jacquees is expected to release. The artist is set to collaborate with Chris Brown in one project, and launch another, 4275. Quee’ has clearly been busy this year!

Vibestyle Review

Similar to The Weeknd’s latest project, My Dear Melancholy, Jacquees’ EP, consists of 6 tracks; possibly due to the tremendous amount of work he’s set to release later this year.

From being a huge fan of Quee’s talent, his latest project does not disappoint. The artist delivers again, on his distictive vocals and those consistent R&B vibes that fans love. While his album is relatively short, Jacquees hits some impressive notes in the majority of the tracks. In addition to this, the EP’s features, Wale and T-Pain give their respective tracks an adequate balance of R&B and Hip Hop; reminisent of classic 90’s R&B.

Personally, my favourite track has to be ‘Back To Me’, solely because of the upbeat vibe it possesses, as an oppose to the remainder of the album. It really is a nice touch by Jacquees, from those slow, classic R&B tracks, to finish on an almost nostalgic, but conventional mix – something the artist seems to kill at every attempt.

Vibestyle scores the album a 7/10. While Jacquees has created some hot new R&B, the young artist has  disappointed ever so slightly, with the size of his album. The vocals are undubtedly on point, but by conisdering some of his previous work, Quee has set the bar much higher than what this album exceeds.

Image result for jacquees this time im serious

This Time I’m Serious Track list

  • This Time I’m Serious – 3:37
  • It’s on the Way – 5:50
  • Handcuff – 3:14
  • Rodeo – 4:44
  • Why You Love Me Now – 3:11
  • Back to Me – 3:27

Listen to This Time I’m Serious

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