Yeezy Preview: Season 6 Construction Boot

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Written by Bijan in Fashion | 21st March 2018

Trending Streetwear

Images of the rumored Yeezy Season 6 construction boot surfaced among social media yesterday. Now, thanks to @aripetrou, and the guys at HypeBeast we have our best look yet of the upcoming boots, which can be seen in that  iconic Yeezy, tan colourway. These boots are sure to be among Yeezy’s portfolio of trending streetwear.

Focusing on the shape of the boot, they share characteristics of the Yeezy 500’s. The construction boots are set to cost around $275 USD.

As for now, this is the only information regarding the previewed boots. Though, we expect more news to reveal itself in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy an image of the boots below.

kanye west yeezy season 6 construction boot fashion footwear design luxury

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