Vibestyle’s Top Ten Upcoming Movies of 2018 are Unmissable

Written by Eugene in Film | 15th March 2018

Top 10 Upcoming Movies of 2018

Highly Recommended Movies

This year has certainly been a massive one for the movie industry, it seems there has been a proliferation in blockbuster hits since the start of the year, as well as what is yet to come. In this post, Vibestyle will be ranking the top ten highly anticipated, upcoming movies of 2018, so stay tuned.

10. Incredibles 2

Disney and Pixar team up to give us the long awaited sequel to The Incredibles. The film will see “elastigirl spring into action to save the day, where Mr. Incredible faces his greatest challenge yet. Taking Care of the problems of his three children”.Incredible 2 is set to be released on the 15th of June.

9. Pacific Rim Uprising

With the release date of the 23rd March only round the corner, the second instalment of the Pacific Rim franchise is looking promising. We’ll see mankind on the verge of defeat, against the monstrous Kaiju. Mankind’s hope lies with Jake Pentecost (John Boyega), and Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) who’s mission it is to lead a generation of Jaeger pilots to rid the earth of the plague that is the monstrous Kaiju.

8. Deadpool 2

In the Deadpool sequel, Marvel Entertainment have revealed that Wade Wilson’s next adventure will consist of a bovine attack, and battles against the Yakuza, and ninjas. Not to forget a new nemesis, Cable (Josh Brolin) a grumpy, heavily armed soldier who has travelled from the future, and carries around a heavy machine gun, and a teddy bear.

The Deadpool sequel will be in cinemas on the 16th May.

7. Rampage

This exciting movie sees Primatologist, Davis Okoye (portrayed by Dwayne Johnson) who shares a special bond with a remarkably intelligent silver back gorilla who goes by the name of George. Due to the events of a rogue genetic experiment, George, a wolf, and a reptile end up growing to a monstrous size, resulting in Okoye teaming up with a discredited genetic engineer to source an antidote.

Rampage will be releasing on the 11th of April.

6. Venom

The infamous Spider-Man villain, Venom, formerly known as Eddie Brock will be appearing on the big screen on the 5th if October. With Tom Hardy undertaking the primary role, Venom will sure be as enigmatic, complex, and vigorous as Venom deserves.

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5. Solo: A Star Wars Story

As announced earlier in the year, the Star Wars franchise’s favourite pilot, Han Solo, will be getting his own movie, screening the events before ‘A New Hope’.

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4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Set to be on the big screen for the 22nd of June, the sequel to Jurassic World will no doubt be just as good as the last.

The film will see the fictional Isle of Nublar after the events of Jurassic World, which resulted in the demise of the theme park, leaving the dinosaurs to roam freely for four years. However, an anticipated volcanic eruption threatens the dinosaurs existence.

3. Ant-man and Wasp

Adding to the trend of sequel movies this year, Scott Lang’s Ant-man (Paul Rudd) will be joining forces with Hope Van Dyne, The Wasp (portrayed by Evangeline Lilly). Set after the occurrences of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, Lang must find the balance between family life and superhero duties, and is recruited by The Wasp and Hank Pym to attempt to find out the secrets of their past.

Ant-Man and Wasp will be in cinemas on the 6th July.

2. Mission Impossible: Fallout

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) will be returning to the big screen on the 27th July. The film will present an IMF mission that goes wrong, leaving hunt and his team to work together to prevent a global catastrophe. Hunted by assassins, Hunt’s loyalty to the CIA is in jeopardy as he attempts to fulfil his mission.

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1. Avengers: Infinity War

Last but not least, the recently torn apart Avengers, and the Guardians of the Galaxy team up in quest to prevent Thanos, a villainous Titan from taking all of the Infinity stones, which will grant him the ability to bend reality at his will.

Controversy has been spread in light of Thanos, who will be portrayed by Josh Brolin. This is because the actor is also set to portray Deadpool’s Cable, as previously mentioned.

Infinity War will be released on the 27th April

That’s the end of the top ten upcoming movies of 2018. Let us know in the comments what you think about the list, or whether we missed any.


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