Ones to Watch: Luke Cage Returns for Round 2

By Eugene in Film | 7th March, 2018

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Marvel’s indestructible Luke Cage returns for a 2nd round, reinforcing Netflix’s arsenal  of some of the most popular TV Shows of the decade. Following Netflix’s Marvel comic adaptation of ‘The Defenders’, consisting of Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Cage himself, we’ve been given the news that the 4-way hero-for-hire show isn’t the end of their individual series.

The brief trailer for Luke Cage’s Season 2 can be seen below:

“Get paid, black man, get paid.” The words chanted towards the end of the trailer suggest that Cage is well and truly back, and he means business. The innovative trailer sees the unbreakable hero speak directly to the camera, welcoming his next enemies in an almost agitating and threatening manner, showing his evolution in confidence and power. Similar to a WWE promo type video.

Luke Cage Season 2 is set to be available for stream via Netflix on the 22nd of June this year.

What’s up with Misty, and her arm?

As those who have seen season one of The Defenders, you’ll know the madness that occurred around the villainous organisation, known as ‘The Hand’, and their underground operation. As a result of the conflict, Misty Knight loses her arm prior to the explosion.

From the picture of Cage and Misty, we see that Knight has been equipped with a new bionic arm that is said to be funded by Danny Rand resources, which is essentially this universe’s billionaire philanthropist, just like Tony Stark and his Stark Tech organisation.


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