Off White X Nike: Virgil Abloh Redesigns Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Elite Boot

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Written by Bijan in Fashion and Sport | 6th March 2018

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Off-White X Nike

Off-White’s Virgil Abloh has evidently been leaving his contemporary mark on Nike as the latest trending streetwear. The designer has successfully collaborated with the brand, by designing new looks for Nike’s most successful trainers, including the Airmax 90’s, Air Force 1’s, Presto’s, and more.

Now, moving slightly away from Nike’s fashion aspect, Virgil appears to be putting his touch to the sport side of the brand. Therefore, the Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Elite has been redesigned with an all new colourway and distinctive Off-White markings.

Mercurial boots are undoubtedly familiar with unique designs and colourways, considering the boot has been around for several years, often changing its appearance year by year; with multiple colourways available at a time. Hence, aside from the functional features of the boot (lightweight material, shape etc.), it has continued to pose a huge success in the football (and soccer) industry. Now, with Off-White DNA becoming part of the boot, it is clear to see how far the cleat has come, regarding style, popularity, and the opportunities it proposes to future designers. Perhaps, other brands will jump on the bandwagon for this new trend in football boots, including Adidas and Puma.

Images of the new Off-White X Nike designed cleats have been released

Be sure to comment what you think about these boots and let us know if you’ll be getting your hands on them!

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