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Written by Bijan in Film|21st February 2018

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We don’t need to tell you how much gold there is on Netflix, as subscribers even rose to over 115 million by the end of last year, according to Though, Netflix does tend to hide some diamonds in the dirt, among its overwhelming velocity of good and bad releases. The comedy category is no exception, rich in must-watch content, both with films and TV series. So, Vibestyle Blog took this opportunity to review a selection of comedy series and films, that will consequently shine light on some hidden gems of humor.

To start with, we’ll look at various TV series that are bound to get you bingeing for more chuckles. Then after, a handful of films will be cast into the mix.

TV Series

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Image result for always sunny in philadelphia
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Comedy class: Black comedy sitcom

Focusing on 4 middle aged adults and an older associate, the south of Philadelphia based sitcom revolves around the lives of Dennis, Mac, Charlie (Charlie Day), Dee, and Frank (Danny De Vito). These immature adults continuously find themselves participating in random acts of stupidity or ridiculousness (often both), all while ‘working’ at their infamous Irish bar, Paddy’s Pub. Most episodes consist of the group becoming easily amused into bizarre crusades, which each and every member indirectly – and insanely – entertains.

These depraved underachievers never fail to amuse, from Dennis’s psychopathic manipulations, Charlie’s disgusting habits, to Franks non-stop egging of the groups stupidity. Though, every now and then, the group seem to amaze you with unnecessary talent.

As of current, the continuing series boasts 12 series with 134 episodes all together, lasting around 18-25 minutes. Each of these seasons have subtle progress as you continue to watch, though this degree of season progress allows you to watch any episode you want, at anytime. However, here at Vibestyle, we recommend you watch from the beginning to the end – its worth it for sure!

The show first aired on FX in 2005, but now, thanks to Netflix, you can follow the gang as you please, when you please.

Laughter rating: 9/10

Trailer Park Boys

Image result for trailer park boys
Trailer Park Boys

Comedy class: Mockumentary TV series

Primarily located in a Canadian trailer park, this Mockumentary follows the chaotic lives of Julian, Bubbles, and Ricky (left to right). While living in Sunnyvale trailer park, the trio terrorize its residents with endless acts of unlawful madness. Though, their idiocy has attracted other forces of craziness, including a drunk park ranger and his sweaty sidekick, a couple blockheads who continuously seek approval from the gang, and many, many more.

The boys are always on a pursuit for money. Though, getting a job like normal people, is not their way. Illegal acts to them, is a norm; with growing marijuana, starring in pornographic films, and recklessly robbing shops, among the methods of madness that they see fit.

The show is known to feature some famous faces, including Snoop Dogg, and Jimmy Kimmel; adding a nice touch to the show, indicating its level of success in USA and Canada. Additionally, there are many extra shows and seasons on Netflix, where the group travel a good amount of Europe, and USA states – perfect if your gasping for more chaos after watching all the episodes.

There are 11 seasons so far, with over 95 episodes available to watch (including specials); and with the show still airing, its only a matter of time until season 12 comes to our screens.

Laughter rating: 7.5/10

F is for Family

Comedy class: Web animated sitcom

This Netflix original series takes on an animated approach, featuring the foul-mouthed Frank Murphy and his family of four, including his wife Sue – now thats a lot of F’s. Being set in the mid-1970’s, the family are victim to the financial stresses, sourced by the unpredictable nature of Frank’s job at the local Mohican Airlines.

The show is a nice diversion from the modern day, with many similarities to other 1970’s sitcoms. Though, the cartoon element may not be for everyone. However, don’t mistake the animation for a show aimed at children.

With only 2 seasons so far, the show, containing 16 episodes is exclusively available on Netflix. Episodes consist of roughly 25-28 minutes.

Laughter rating: 5/10

The Office (UK)

Image result for the office uk
The Office (UK)

Comedy class: Mockumentary Sitcom

This mockumentary takes place in the office of Wernham Hogg paper merchants, based in Slough, UK. Centered around David Brent, the general manager of the office. He tends to do the most, in order to fulfill his role of manager, and to maintain his reputation of humorous and talented. Though, instead, he does the opposite, often scaring away or angering co-workers; who perceive him as rude, annoying and selfish.

Actors such as Martin Freeman, Mackenzie Crook, and Lucy Davis, also star as the shows other main characters, who too, create a mockumentary humor throughout the 30 minute (approx) shows.

Being first broadcasted on BBC 2 in 2001, the show consists of 2 seasons with 12 episodes each; in addition to two hour-long Christmas special episodes.

Laughter rating: 6.5/10

Honorable Mentions

For the sake of laughter, we have added some comedic classics that deserve a mention, even though the majority of you will be somewhat familiar with most; unless your new to the world of comedy TV series (or live under a rock).

  • Fresh Prince of Bel air
  • Friends
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Only Fools and Horses

Image result for fresh prince of bel air


David Brent: Life on the Road

Image result for david brent movie
David Brent: Life on the Road

Comedy class: Mockumentary comedy

Following from TV show, The Office’s, main star David Brent is played again by comedian Ricky Gervais; who also wrote and directed the picture. The film is almost a sequel to the BBC TV series, as the character finally embarks on his musical career journey, that he regularly expressed in previous episodes. In addition, secondary characters from the show, make humorous appearances. Therefore, Vibestyle recommends you watch the TV series prior to this film.

Lasting just 96 minutes, the film is like a long episode from the TV series, perfect for the fans of the show. So, if you enjoy British mockumentary in an office setting, the series and film are for you.

The film was released in 2016 in the UK, while the US received it in 2017; though now you can watch it at the touch of a button on Netflix.

Laughter rating: 6.5/10

Get Hard

Image result for get hard
Get Hard

Comedy class: Comedy film

This comedy film escalates around characters, James King and Darnell Lewis, who are played by highly regarded comedian actors Will Farrell and Kevin Hart; whats not to love?

Released in 2015, the film is about Darnell training James to become tougher; hence the name, ‘get hard’. Though, Darnell himself, doesn’t know how to act tough. So, silly methods are used including pepper-spraying, developing a ‘mad dog’ face, and a change of dress style.

The film runs for exactly 100 minutes, and can now be enjoyed on Netflix. Make sure you check out the trailer below to see more of what is in store from this comedic collaboration:

Laughter rating: 8/10

Honorable Mentions

Like we mentioned at the beginning, most of you know where the gold lies on the Netflix database. Though Vibestyle Blog thought it would be a good idea to include some honorable mentions among the comedy film category:

  • The Interview
  • Rush Hour 3
  • Pain and Gain
  • The Ridiculous 6
  • Grown Ups 2

That will be all from this series of Vibestyle Reviews. We hope you will have something to laugh at next time you tune back into Netflix.

Be sure to comment your favorites from the selection given, or others you think should have made the cut. Also, you can share this post with your friends and family, to let them know of these diamonds in the dirt.

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