Monday Motivation: The minute you stop, you’re dying

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By Bijan in Motivation and Music

The minute you stop, you’re dying – Bugzy Malone

This quote was extracted from the talented Bugzy Malone’s song, ‘Moving’.Simple words but effective, Bugzy is implying the morbid truth; when you do nothing to move forward and progress yourself, you are essentially living for your demise. Instead, it is important to become proactive. This consists of looking through problems and setbacks, as well as doing what you can each day to improve yourself.

A useful mindset to have when you wake up should be, to seize the day and take every opportunity without dismissal. After all, you could be “one decision away from a totally different life” – Mark Batterson.

So how do you obtain such a mindset?

Obtaining such a persistent mindset can prove a challenge. Though, there are various activities and resolutions that we can do to get there;

  • Commit to doing something constructive each day (aside from your regular routines)
  • Get a sufficient amount of sleep
  • Cut down on detrimental and inopportune regularities – this could be cutting down on TV etc.
  • Meet people and build new connections

Music Video: Bugzy Malone – Moving

Although a healthy road to walk, a proactive lifestyle should be tailored to each individual, as everyone has different commitments and abilities. Therefore, it is important to prioritize your health and livelihood before adopting additional activities.

Once a proactive lifestyle is adopted, you will feel much better, physically and mentally. Impossibles will become possibles, and of course, you will be living life to a fuller potential.

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