Floyd Mayweather on MMA for 2018

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Written by Bijan in Sport

This week on social media Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather released videos of himself entering the cage, along with announcing a new MMA journey that the retired boxer proposes to embark on this year. The videos can be seen on the 40 year old’s Instagram as well as below; where he captioned the latest post “Come at the king, you best not miss…”



Mayweather beat the Notorious Connor McGregor last year on August 26th where the fight generated a whopping $600 million in total revenue. The fight of course, was strictly a boxing match, where Mayweather had the advantage of experience in the ring, however, MMA will pose an all new challenge for the boxer. Will the fighter challenge McGregor in the future? We’ll have to find out in time. However, the boxer recently posted an image of his fight against the MMA specialist from the summer of 2017.

Let us know how you think Mayweather will do in the industry of MMA and if you think this is the correct move for the retired boxer.


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