5 Recommendations for Visiting Amsterdam

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By Bijan in Travel | 1st January 2018

Recently, two thirds of the Vibestyle group were fortunate to take a late January break to Amsterdam, Netherlands for a long weekend (Thursday to Sunday). Which brings us to our first tip – Make sure you go for over 3 days so you can experience the maximum. This is essential as some attractions do not open on weekends, while others shut earlier on certain days.  For example, Coffee Shops in ‘Dam close earlier on Saturdays, so perhaps you can reserve that night for the cities iconic bars and pubs scattered around the center.

There is endless activities to do, from visiting the famous museums to taking a trip to the zoo. The reason for using museums as an example is because there are so many; these consist of sex museums, marijuana museums, and others, including a torture museum if that floats your boat. Otherwise you could take a relaxing trip through the historical canals. Another tip would be to book activities in advance so you save time and hassle for other activities around the city.

It is very easy to be tempted in to the various foods that are on offer throughout Amsterdam, but thats okay because while they can be costly, it is totally worth it. We would recommend trying something different every time you conduct your search for grub. After all, why would you want to eat the same thing every time, when you have multiple alternatives? Well, the food could be 10/10, which would be more than enough reason to, but chances are, the next place you’ll eat is an 11/10. No word of a lie.

Rembrandt Square: View from our studio

Moving on to moving around, there are various ways to maneuver the alleys and canals of the capital. These include walking, taxis, trams, trains, buses, and the most recommended form of transport – the bike. Cycling has to be the best way to get about and see some things at a low cost and fast rate; this is really the magic of the bikes.  However, there are rules! We found out the hard way (so you don’t have to!) that parking your bike is restricted to the sides of pavements and allocated sections. So when you rent your bike, be sure to ask the providers about the rules and if in doubt, just park your bicycle among the closest cluster of bikes.

Amsterdam really is a brilliant place, with each and every corner boasting vibes of cultural and historical nature. So make sure you absorb as much of it as you can, because, even four days goes as fast as a busy weekend at home.

If you want to start your holiday on a high note, coffee shops are great places to go and chill while planning your next activity; and with numerous spots based around the city, your bound to find one. In our opinion, the best coffee shops to visit are Smokey’s, Bulldog, 3 Floors, and Bushdocter.

So to recap Vibestyle blog’s recommendations to you:

  1. Make sure you go for over 3 days so you can experience the maximum
  2. Book activities in advance
  3. Try something different every time
  4. The bike – be sure to ask the providers about the rules
  5. Make sure you absorb as much of it as you can

For your use, we have included a map of Amsterdam so only get lost once or twice!

Map of Amsterdam

Be sure to comment your favourite spots of Amsterdam or what you are most looking forward to! 🇳🇱

Until next time.

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