Ones to Watch: Marvel’s Iron Fist

Posted by Eugene Shahrezaey in Film

Yesterday, Netflix released their highly anticipated Marvel series of the Iron Fist, which results in the seventh live-action Marvel TV show to join the four year super hero infatuation. Superhero, Danny Rand, originally was a victim of a plane crash in the comics. A blue-eyed, blonde haired son of billionaires, he was left an orphan, and stranded on the mystical Tibetan city of K’un-L’un. On this island he would then be trained with martial arts for years before he returned back home to New York to fight evil, giving him his superhero status.

Unfortunately, Danny Rand’s TV series is facing a blow of negative criticism already, as fans are upset about the scepticism of the poor writing of the series, which draws up questions of how much effort was put into the series to show Rand’s true character. In addition to this, fans are concerned about Iron Fist’s typicality of being a rich, Caucasian male, full of privilege. However, Finn Jones, who portrays the superhero, stated on Radio Times that with Trump in office, “it makes it very difficult to root for someone coming from white privilege, when that archetype is public enemy number one”.

Iron Fist is part of the Marvel Defenders, a team of like-minded superheros, of which we are all familiar with – starring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the Iron Fist himself (all of which have their own TV series on Netflix). The Defenders will soon have their own TV miniseries, also on Netflix, which is scheduled to premiere later in 2017. Watch the Teaser Trailer here.

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