Ones to Watch: The Accountant

‘Ones to watch’ will be a series about recently released and past movies that I recommend people should watch. Stretching from critically acclaimed films to lesser known ones.

The Accountant is a gritty crime thriller by director Gavin O’Connor, despite him being a less known director he shines and shows his abilities in this movie using camera angles, timings and pace of the movie.

Furthermore, after mixed reviews over Batman vs Superman Ben Affleck demonstrates why he is an A lister and displays depth in his acting ability through the complex character that he plays in this movie. This enables you to feel empathy for the character and become engrossed in the movie from start to finish. With supporting roles from the likes of Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons and Jon Bernthal emotion and action runs throughout this crime flick.


In an era of sequels this original piece shows that you do not need familiar characters to attract an audience.


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